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Has your career hit a roadblock?

Sue* was a high performer at her organization and did a lot of behind-the-scenes work that made her boss look good, but she shunned visibility. She knew she was struggling with perfectionistic tendencies and “imposter syndrome” and was capable of much more, but she didn’t know how to begin dealing with the issues keeping her out of the spotlight.

Are your people skills holding you back?

Jake* wasn’t moving up in his organization as quickly as he’d liked and was frustrated. He saw other people getting promoted, but his manager kept telling him he wasn’t quite “leadership material” yet. He knew he had trouble controlling his difficult emotions and had lost his temper a few times in important meetings. He wanted to step into the leadership role he knew he was capable of but couldn’t get his emotions under control on his own.

Is your team underperforming?

Gordon* was having a lot of trouble with one of the teams that reported to him. They were underperforming and always seemed to be in some internal conflict. Gordon tried all the strategies that had worked well with his other teams, but they didn’t work here. This team was taking up a disproportionate amount of his time, and he didn’t know what to do next.

As a leader, do you need some help dealing with “difficult” employees?

Carol* was experiencing some difficulties with one of her employees. He had expertise that was key to her team’s success, but despite multiple talks, he continued practicing bad habits. He would leave things until the last minute, hand in work late, and ignore organizational protocols. This was beginning to make her look bad. She knew she needed to get things under control but didn’t quite know how to.

*Names have been changed to protect confidentiality.

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Sue: With my coaching support, Sue faced her “imposter” feelings and the negative self-talk that was holding her back. We shone a positive light on her professionalism and work ethic, as well as her multiple accomplishments. At the same time, she learned to manage her thoughts proactively and to take leadership in her career advancement.

Jake: Working with a psychometric instrument, we identified the triggers that were inducing difficult emotions in Jake. I worked with him to develop strategies to prepare himself for potential emotionally charged meetings and to manage his emotions well in the moment. He reports feeling more in control of himself and better able to channel his emotions constructively to achieve his desired results.

Gordon: We examined the way Gordon was working with his team and the different stages of development that teams experience and concluded that he needed to adjust his leadership style to work effectively with this team based on their developmental stage. Gordon learned not to keep repeating the same things that worked well in the past with other teams but to adjust his leadership style based on each context.

Carol: I worked with Carol to help her prepare her strategy to deal with her difficult employee and how to communicate her message effectively. She realized that she was not being as clear and direct as required because of her own discomfort with conflict. She polished her message, and her employee’s behaviour has greatly improved.

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