The best way to predict your future is to create it.

Are you a leader

who wants to ensure that you retain your best talent or wishes to develop greater leadership capacity in your team or organization?

Are your people skills

holding you back from advancing in your career – even though you have all the other required skills and competencies?

Are you feeling stuck

in your career? In managing a difficult relationship? Or perhaps you’re not sure exactly what’s bothering you and you’d like to pinpoint the issue and deal with it?

My job is to help you define the positive change you desire – and get the results you want.

I’m a professional Coach to lawyers, executives and professionals. I am also an experienced Organizational Development Consultant and Trainer and have been working in the field of Emotional Intelligence for the last 15 years.

Creating dynamic and safe learning environments which
engage participants and facilitate opportunities for
breakthrough results and relevant, concrete outcomes.

Professional Coaching

I work with lawyers, executives and professionals to help them define, reach and surpass their most important professional and personal goals through the co-creation of personalized strategies.

Consulting & Learning

From half-day workshops to multi-day Leadership Development Programs, I help my clients identify their professional learning and development needs, and I develop and deliver a variety of sessions to fit their specific requirements.

Emotional Intelligence

How well we deal with our emotions governs how well we manage ourselves and our relationships, and is a prerequisite for our professional and personal success.

Here is what a few of my clients have to say…

“Jane was asked by our company, Muse Entertainment, to conduct a confidential survey of our personnel to help management get a clearer picture of some of the often hidden human resource issues that we were concerned might have an impact on the company’s goal of delivering excellence to our clients and stakeholders. 

Jane was able to connect with virtually everyone who works for our company in three separate cities in very discreet meetings and was able to obtain insights, on a confidential basis, that have proven to be very useful. I attribute the success of this to Jane’s ability to generate a level of trust from our personnel that is uncommon and a reflection of the professionalism that is obvious to anyone who she comes into contact with.  

Jane brings a wealth of experience and a finely tuned sensibility to her role and I am very grateful to her for the work that she has done for Muse.”

 – Michael PrupasCEO Muse Entertainment

“As Director of the Conference Board of Canada’s Facilitating Dialogue business I retained Jane to deliver consulting and facilitation services for several major Conference Board clients including the Central Division of the RCMP.

Jane worked with the Facilitating Dialogue business in delivering professional services to the Conference Board Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Health Care initiative for Health Canada. The latter was a $6.3 million assignment to develop principles and a framework for delivery of primary health care access Canada.

Jane provided a client-centered approach to her work as well as providing creative input into achieving value-added outcomes for our clients.”

Harry French

“I was coached by Jane on how to better control my emotions and manage my stress. I really appreciated Jane’s openness. She listened to me without judgement and had a caring approach – which allowed me to talk without any restrictions. She always came very prepared to our meetings. She was also very good at synthesizing our thinking.

She has a good knowledge of my industry (law) which coloured in a positive way how she helped me approach and deal with my issues.”

Isabelle N., Associate, National Law Firm

“We were very happy with the work that Jane did to prepare and facilitate two half-day planning sessions to help our newly formed team better understand our respective roles and priorities. We left the sessions with a clear understanding and plan of what we wanted to achieve in the coming year as well as with a more cohesive team. We asked Jane back the following year to help us review our results and plan for the upcoming period.”

Diana Dutton, Associate Vice-Principal, Human Resources, McGill University

“I met Jane when she was one of the key presenters at McGill University’s Leadership Development Program.

I took two Emotional Intelligence workshops she led and, as I said in my evaluation of the program, she was the best of the session leaders. She understands how people tick, she is not judgmental and she makes you feel at ease from the get-go.

Jane taught me a lot, in just two sessions, why I roll the way I do, but also provided valuable insight for me into why others around me are the way they are. That has helped me immensely as a manager, as a father and as a husband.”

Doug Sweet, Director Internal Communications, McGill University

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