Coaching for Emerging Leaders

Thomas* was promoted to team leader when his manager moved to a new role. Although thrilled with his promotion, he wasn’t finding his new role easy.

The people who had been his peers now reported to him, some of whom were his close friends. He was trying hard not to show a preference for anyone but was finding it difficult to maintain certain boundaries.

He was also experiencing difficulty adapting to his new role – moving from individual contributor to people manager. He was having trouble letting go of his old role that he’d enjoyed and found very rewarding. And he was getting involved in issues that belonged to other team members.

Together, we examined the different elements of his new role, strategies he could use to navigate the challenges of taking on this role, and how to develop his leadership and enhance his effectiveness. He was able to move into his new position feeling empowered and with a greater sense of confidence in his ability to handle the challenges ahead.

1615570609Moving into a new role can be challenging.

An employee is generally promoted into a leadership role because they are very good at their job and exhibit leadership qualities. But the roles of individual contributor and people manager are quite different – and require some very different skills.

Although every coaching situation is different, new leaders often encounter a range of coaching issues as they transition into their new roles.

Here are some issues that I have seen come up regularly and which I have worked through with my clients:

  • ­Self-awareness: To build their leadership skills and competencies, it is critical that new leaders understand their strengths, their overdone strengths and critical areas requiring development.
  • Managing different personality styles: To lead effectively, leaders must be able to adapt their approach to meet the unique needs of individual team members.
  • Managing resistance to change: As they introduce new initiatives, leaders must be able to help team members who are comfortable with the existing way of doing things to navigate and embrace change effectively.
  • Building strong relationships with team members: Leaders must establish trust and rapport with their team members; this may be difficult for a host of reasons. I help my clients to address any real barriers and avoid any imaginary ones.
  • Performance Issues: New leaders may encounter underperforming team members. It is critical to be able to address these issues through effective coaching, providing constructive feedback, setting clear goals, and providing support.
  • Building relationships across the organization: Very often, new leaders are so focused on their team’s performance that they omit to build their organizational network. Together, we develop a strategy to develop these important relationships which are so vital to helping leaders achieve their goals.

Let me help you thrive in your new position.

In my coaching practice, I love working with emerging leaders – connecting with the next generation of leadership and helping them be better prepared for their new roles.

I bring a wealth of experience, both as a leader myself as well as from my years of coaching and Leadership Development work.

Whether you’ve been promoted to a new leadership role or aspiring to move into one, I can help you prepare for the challenges you’ll be facing and strengthen the people skills you need to succeed.

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*Name has been changed to protect confidentiality.


Working with Jane as my coach has allowed me to reach goals I never thought achievable.

I’m naturally a confident and charismatic person, but I’d hit a point where I knew that I needed help. I had reached a place in my career where certain characteristics of how I engaged with my professional ecosystem (task & time management, managing client expectations, etc.) were preventing me from reaching my goals. The issues were squarely rooted in longstanding habits, ways of being, and avoidance mechanisms that had always been present but were previously overshadowed by brute-force productivity.

Jane, having been a lawyer and having experience with entrepreneurship, understood my self-imposed pressure to constantly commit to producing high-quality work in short timeframes. I always felt that I could be candid with her about my fears, dreams, and where I felt my deficiencies lay. We worked together to, among other things, re-conceptualize my professional outlook. This has allowed me to re-allocate time each day to strategic visioning / orientation – something I could never have prioritized before on account of my never-ending task list.

I feel that after having worked with Jane I am now empowered to take on greater challenges, and to end each day feeling good about what was achieved.

– Jameson Jones-Doyle, Interim Executive Director, Capitals Hub Canada