Coaching for Executives

Susannah* was a senior leader in a global firm when I was hired to work with her. She was a top performer and was participating in a Leadership Development Program I was involved in. As part of the Program, a 360-degree review had just been completed, and our goal was to examine the results. With my support, she reflected on the ratings and comments, how they compared with her perspective, and examined the “blind spots” that had surfaced through the review. Working within the context of her role and career path, we identified her developmental needs and put together a solid plan to help her move forward. I continued to work with her to support her in her leadership development.

752914420Realize your full potential.

Executive coaching is a highly effective, personalized development process aimed at assisting executives to maximize their growth and achieve professional goals.

I aim to help executives unlock their potential and become more effective leaders through targeted feedback and actionable strategies.

Know yourself better.

One of the primary goals of executive coaching is to facilitate self-awareness.

Through introspection and reflection, I help my clients gain deeper insights into their strengths, challenges, values, and motivations.

This helps them to identify patterns, biases, and blind spots that may be hindering their progress or impacting their decision-making.

1297087753Improve your entire organization.

Coaching is a powerful tool – not just for the individual’s personal and professional success, but for the entire organization.

More effective leaders have more engaged and effective staff.

It is essential for organizations to build a strong leadership pipeline, drive innovation, foster employee engagement, and achieve long-term success. And executive coaching is key to accomplishing that.

Grow your skills.

Coaching sessions provide executives a safe and confidential space to reflect, learn, and grow.

As an executive coach, I also work with my clients to help them enhance their leadership capabilities and develop and refine critical skills such as emotional intelligence, communication, influence, change management, and performance management.

What would you like to work on? What leadership skills would you like to enhance? You don’t have to do it on your own! Call now to schedule your free 20-minute consultation.

*Name has been changed to protect confidentiality.


I worked with Jane as my coach following a leadership program offered by my employer. Jane helped me to put learnings into daily practice, further develop my leadership skills, and was highly beneficial in defining my career goals and identifying a plan to achieve these goals. She took the time to learn about my role, my team, and my ambitions and was able to provide insightful comments and probing questions. Due to Jane’s passion and engagement as a coach, I would highly recommend her.

– Aaron Plue, CFA, MBA Senior Director Trading and Trade Support, PSP Investments