Leadership Development and Coaching

Leadership development isn’t just a “nice to have”.

Leaders have a direct impact on organizational culture through their actions, decisions, communication, and values.

And culture, in turn, has a direct impact on the performance and success of the organization.

Coaching plays a pivotal role in shaping effective and successful leaders. Some ways include:

  • Building self-awareness of leaders’ strengths, weaknesses, values, and leadership styles allowing them to capitalize on their strengths and work on areas of development.
  • By enhancing their Emotional Intelligence, leaders can foster better relationships and teamwork.
  • Teaching leaders how to coach, delegate, and empower their team members more effectively, fosters a climate of trust, collaboration, and accountability.
  • Regular coaching sessions allow leaders to reflect on their actions, behaviors, and outcomes, which promotes continuous learning and personal growth.
  • Setting well-defined goals for their leadership development provides direction and motivation for continuous improvement.
  • Through targeted feedback and practice, leaders can refine and strengthen essential skills such as communication, decision-making, adaptability, and conflict resolution.
  • Conflict is not unusual in teams and organizations. Coaching helps to equip leaders with strategies to manage conflict effectively and maintain a positive environment.
  • Support during transitions. With change as a constant in most organizations, coaching can support and guide leaders through turbulent times, helping to ensure a smooth transition.

I was introduced to Jane as part of a corporate leadership training and development program. Having found value in working with an investment performance coach earlier in my career, this represented an exciting opportunity to home in on becoming a more proficient leader. Many investors struggle with the transition to people manager; however, it is a critical step in continued professional development.

Over the course of 18 months Jane and I had regular in-depth conversations, supplemented by take-home reading and exercises, aimed at identifying my motivational value system and natural leadership strengths, as well as pinpointing emotional triggers and potential blind spots. Based on the findings, we explored a series of strategies for managing both individuals and teams that I could start to implement immediately (via checklists), plus optimize over time.

As with any coach, the process requires “buy-in.” What makes me a fan of Jane is her ability ¬– through dialogue, suggested reading, individual exercises, etc. – to elicit deep self-reflection regarding one’s behaviors, motivations, actions, and results. At the same time, she always allowed me space to arrive at the answer myself. Overall, I believe that working with her has made me a more self-aware leader and grounded person.

– Senior Director

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