Here is what some of my clients have to say:

I had the pleasure of having Jane as a coach. She gives excellent advice, looks for the best plan to enable her client’s growth and is very good at understanding her client’s needs. I would recommend Jane to anyone wanting to be coached in an effective and professional manner.

– Karine Desforges, LLM, Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Englobe


I started coaching sessions with Jane as a last step before burning out from my job. At that point, I was struggling with my self-esteem, feeling connected to my job and profession, and felt very alone with my stress and whirling thoughts.

From our first meeting, Jane made me feel comfortable and secure talking about my internal difficulties. Jane validated my feelings and helped me to look inward at myself. We focused on my achievements, redefined my professional needs and mapped out my professional goals.

Through Jane’s support, I was also able to identify what my boundaries are and how to set limits without feeling guilty. I will always be thankful for her support as it ultimately revived my passion for my profession.

– University Coaching Client


I was coached by Jane on how to better manage my emotions and control my stress. I really appreciated Jane’s openness. She listened to me without judgment and had a caring approach – which allowed me to talk without any restrictions. She always came very prepared to our meetings. She was also very good at synthesizing our thinking.

She has a good knowledge of my industry (law) which coloured in a positive way how she helped me approach and deal with my issues.

– Isabelle N., Partner, National Law Firm


I told myself if I insisted on having a midlife crisis, I’d like to engage in an informed one. In general, I wasn’t unhappy, but I felt stuck, and I was working long hours with little energy left to explore an alternative path. Unsure how to proceed, I enlisted Jane’s help and I’m so glad I did. Jane has a compassionate and professional approach which enabled us to cut through the clutter to determine what really matters to me. Thanks to her structured sessions and exercises, I feel reenergized about my future and empowered to make a career change I’m excited about.

– Laura, Marketing Manager


I worked with Jane as my coach following a leadership program offered by my employer. Jane helped me to put learnings into daily practice, further develop my leadership skills, and was highly beneficial in defining my career goals and identifying a plan to achieve these goals. She took the time to learn about my role, my team, and my ambitions and was able to provide insightful comments and probing questions. Due to Jane’s passion and engagement as a coach, I would highly recommend her.

– Aaron Plue, CFA, MBA Senior Director Trading and Trade Support, PSP Investments


I was introduced to Jane as part of a corporate leadership training and development program. Having found value in working with an investment performance coach earlier in my career, this represented an exciting opportunity to home in on becoming a more proficient leader. Many investors struggle with the transition to people manager; however, it is a critical step in continued professional development.

Over the course of 18 months Jane and I had regular in-depth conversations, supplemented by take-home reading and exercises, aimed at identifying my motivational value system and natural leadership strengths, as well as pinpointing emotional triggers and potential blind spots. Based on the findings, we explored a series of strategies for managing both individuals and teams that I could start to implement immediately (via checklists), plus optimize over time.

As with any coach, the process requires “buy-in.” What makes me a fan of Jane is her ability – through dialogue, suggested reading, individual exercises, etc. – to elicit deep self-reflection regarding one’s behaviors, motivations, actions, and results. At the same time, she always allowed me space to arrive at the answer myself. Overall, I believe that working with her has made me a more self-aware leader and grounded person.

– Senior Director

“I met Jane while she was giving a workshop on Emotional Intelligence at the McGill Faculty of Law.  It was easily the best workshop I’ve taken at McGill.  Rarely have I learned so much about myself and others in such a short time.  Her sessions were informative, interactive, engaging, and dynamic.  She skillfully blended theory and practice, providing us with simple yet powerful tools to raise self-awareness, build resiliency, and improve professional relationships.  Regardless of where my legal education takes me, I’m certain that years from now, I will still be drawing on the insights she provided us.”

– Brendan Alexander, BCL/JD Candidate, 2024, Faculty of Law, McGill University


En tant que participante aux ateliers de perfectionnement en développement organisationnel offert par Mme Jane Reichman Van Toch à l’Université McGill, j’ai eu l’immense plaisir de découvrir et de faire connaissance avec cette professionnelle experte, aguerrie et débordante de connaissances et d’une énergie humaine unique!

L’étendue de ses connaissances théoriques et pratiques, de concert avec son approche de partage des expériences, d’exercices concis et pertinents et des sessions d’échanges dirigés ont fait des ateliers offerts par Mme Reichman Van Toch un fier succès.

Elle met tout son cœur dans sa pratique et dans ses enseignements. Au-delà de la matière si brillamment enseignée, Mme Reichman Van Toch m’a sincèrement touchée; son écoute active et engagée, sa compassion et son grand intérêt en la nature humaine et les systèmes organisationnelles, sa façon fluide de guider et d’enseigner sont tous des aspects si précieux que j’ai eu la chance de découvrir en elle. Je vous souhaite de croiser son chemin, vous en serez positivement impacté.

– Geneviève Côté – Director, Building and Infrastructure Management Office, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at McGill University


As Director of the Conference Board of Canada’s Facilitating Dialogue business, I retained Jane to deliver consulting and facilitation services for several major Conference Board clients including the Central Division of the RCMP.

Jane worked with the Facilitating Dialogue business in delivering professional services to the Conference Board Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Health Care initiative for Health Canada. The latter was a $6.3 million assignment to develop principles and a framework for delivery of primary health care access Canada.
Jane provided a client-centered approach to her work as well as providing creative input into achieving value-added outcomes for our clients.

– Harry French


Jane was asked by our company, Muse Entertainment, to conduct a confidential survey of our personnel to help management get a clearer picture of some of the often-hidden human resource issues that we were concerned might have an impact on the company’s goal of delivering excellence to our clients and stakeholders. Jane was able to connect with virtually everyone who works for our company in three separate cities in very discreet meetings and was able to obtain insights, on a confidential basis, that have proven to be very useful. I attribute the success of this to Jane’s ability to generate a level of trust from our personnel that is uncommon and a reflection of the professionalism that is obvious to anyone who she comes into contact with. Jane brings a wealth of experience and a finely tuned sensibility to her role, and I am very grateful to her for the work that she has done for Muse.

– Michael Prupas, Founder and Executive Chairman


I met Jane when she was one of the key presenters at McGill University’s Leadership Development Program.

I took two Emotional Intelligence workshops she led and, as I said in my evaluation of the program, she was the best of the session leaders. She understands how people tick, she is not judgmental, and she makes you feel at ease from the get-go.

Jane taught me a lot, in just two sessions, why I roll the way I do, but also provided valuable insight for me into why others around me are the way they are. That has helped me immensely as a manager, as a father and as a husband.

– Doug Sweet, Consultant and Writer/Editor


Working with Jane as my coach has allowed me to reach goals, I never thought achievable. I’m naturally a confident and charismatic person, but I’d hit a point where I knew that I needed help. I had reached a place in my career where certain characteristics of how I engaged with my professional ecosystem (task & time management, managing client expectations, etc.) were preventing me from reaching my goals. The issues were squarely rooted in longstanding habits, ways of being, and avoidance mechanisms that had always been present but were previously overshadowed by brute-force productivity.

Jane, having been a lawyer and having experience with entrepreneurship, understood my self-imposed pressure to constantly commit to producing high-quality work in short timeframes. I always felt that I could be candid with her about my fears, dreams, and where I felt my deficiencies lay. We worked together to, among other things, re-conceptualize my professional outlook. This has allowed me to re-allocate time each day to strategic visioning / orientation – something I could never have prioritized before on account of my never-ending task list. I feel that after having worked with Jane I am now empowered to take on greater challenges, and to end each day feeling good about what was achieved.

– Jameson Jones-Doyle, Interim Executive Director, Capitals Hub Canada